Written By: Jessie D
Jessie is an online SEO marketing manager at Boost Up Local with an extensive experience in Local SEO, PPC and general online marketing strategy.

Learn how to improve your visibility in the search results

When it comes to brand reputation it sounds imperative to any company, no matter what it serves. Being noticeable in the search results is not only the single thing to achieve, you also need to provide reputable products and top notch services. With the help of brand promotion your business can be more findable and visible in the SERP’S which in return brings more popularity and profit to your business.

When populace relates your brand name with a product, at that time you get to know that your prominence in a market is in a good physical shape means in a strong state. From the time when, we live in the internet epoch people tend to correlate a company’s online reputation with its overall professional image. Therefore, it is important to maintain your brand reputation in a market place.

You can opt various techniques to increase your company’s online visibility. Ideally a strong marketing campaign should put together as many as possible services like SEO, PPC, Social Media Promotion and Content Marketing etc. Reason behind multiple practices will support one another in improving your business visibility. Several mentioned practices come under internet marketing.

Internet Marketing simply refers to advertising or promotion efforts that help to improve the online visibility of your website in the top search results. Internet marketing industry is very challenging as well as demanding, you need proficient SEO services to beat your competitors. Innovative SEO strategies help in lifting up your business above your competitors.

What is SEO and how it will be helpful in boosting up business visibility?

Search Engine Optimization is an approach includes various tactics, strategies and procedures used to increase the number of visitors and traffic to a website by acquiring top rankings in the SERP’s. It is a process of enhancing the visibility of your online business in the search engine organic results.

Best SEO companies optimize your website by applying pioneering ideas & plans. Refer to the steps to improve your visibility in the search results:

Off-page Link Building Activities:

Off-page optimization plays a significant role in boosting up the rankings as well the traffic of the website. The primary factor of off-page optimization is link building, below are the activities which our inclusive link building package includes:

  1. Directory Submissions
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Profile Listings
  4. Local Listings
  5. Off-site blog submissions
  6. Off-site blog creations
  7. Article submissions
  8. Press Release Submissions
  9. Video Promotions
  10. Image Promotions
  11. Shopping feed submissions
  12. Business Review Submissions

Optimization of Website (Including Meta Titles & Descriptions)Title & description tags plays a vital role for the website’s pages. They describes about the respective page and its services. Meta tags are the key that let search engines and the users know what your site is all about. Therefore the meta tags should be suitably optimized and informative. As title tag is the most significant tag than a description tag. So, here is a checklist on how to optimize the title tags of your website:

  1. Keyword Division: A standard process is to use pipes (|) to separate keywords. Avoid using commas, hyphen and underscores etc. in a title tag.
  2.  Keyword Placement: Before placing keywords in title tag it is important to analyze the trend in the search results. Placing of the keywords should be per the top search results.
  3. Keyword Repetition: Analyze the keyword repetition in the search results while repeating the same keyword in the title.
  4.  Business/Company Name: Place Company’s name at the end of the title.
  5. Relevant Title: Title should be relevant per the services of the respective landing page.
  6. Unique Title Tag: It should be written in a different way for every individual page. Title must not be duplicate with the other pages.
  7. Recommended Length: A title tag should be under recommended length. Search
  8. engines do not read the titles which are longer than 160 characters.

SEO Friendly URLs – URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator”. It is basically an address of a resource on the web. There are two types of URL’s i.e. Static & Dynamic.